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MJ and Jennifer Batten


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I had the good fortune to see Ms Batten play several times, and to catch her DigiTech/Johnson demo at a trade show... went back and saw it twice. Nice lady, great player.

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Actually if you search on YouTube there are quite a few videos of her playing with MJ. Here's one that gets right to the point...







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She visited the Tokyo Academy of Music a few years back, after that she did a radio interview and couldn`t say enough good things about working with MJ. as is customary in interviews here, the last things they asked is if she had a message for the fans. She said, "Well I would if I hadn`t drunk so much sake"!

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What a great tone and playing from Batten...rad! Who is the other girl playing at the end !?


Uh. . . Steve Stevens.


yeah, I know...just poking some fun...couldn't get that wink emoticon working!!


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