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Buying a Korg DW 6000 Keyboard for $100


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Is that a good deal guys? Gonna be my first keyboard, I usually play a piano, and now im looking to buy a keyboard and found this guy selling a Korg DW 6000 for $100 in my area.


If anyone has one and would like to share a bit of information on it, let me know about it so I can make my decision.


Thanks a bunch.



I didnt use the search tool because im getting ready to get off and figured somebody would be bored and post some info about it over night or something.


After all, isnt that what a forum is for? Help? Not for post count or for flaming the new guy who doesn't know about the search function or anything about the Korg DW 6000. Lol, anyway, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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This one has a great analog filter too (same one as on the DW-8000 and the DSS-1)... try setting the resonance high and then adjust the filter cutoff in realtime with the data slider, for some cool resonant sweeps (on sawtooth-wave based sounds).
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Oh ok, I was unaware that it would play 6 notes at once rather than the one which I am used to on the paino lol.


I guess it would be pretty handy, thanks alot guys I appreciate the quick responses, sorry for my slow one haha.


Thanks again.



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