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sampletekk black grand close velocity problems


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Anyone use sampletekk black grand? I have close and medium ambient mic positions, and have found some problems with the "close" samples. I'm using it with kontakt 2.


I'm using variation no.2 with the samples laid out in a linear response, and I'm just going through the different velocity layers by manually changing the velocity value. I've found that:

1. there is a jump in volume (4-5db) at going from velocity 79 to 80

2. the samples above 112 sound compressed and absurd (so I removed them)

3. f#5 and g5 seem to be several dynamics level stronger than surrounding keys

4. f5 is considerably weak


Not sure if there's already a version that's got these problem fixed.. I already fixed 1 and 2, but for 3,4 and other problems involving individual keys, I really don't want to go through the trouble.. I want to practice, and not become a virtual piano technician. Anyone else notice these problems?


The black grand is such an awesome sampleset, I can swear if someone tweaked it enough, it'll be the ultimate cheap piano library that can easily blow away most of the more expensive ones. I think it definitely kills the NI akoustic steinwey. The black grand's hard to beat at $50 per mic position.. ($25 now because of the group buy thing)

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I have Black Grand Close on my Muse Receptor (running in Kontakt 2). I use it as an occasional break from the Ivory pianos. I also agree that there are some "playability" issues regarding the volume (db) response versus velocity - it's a bit "jumpy". It sounds like you've gotten your hands "dirtier" than I (programing wise) in attempts to solve this. I tried some different velocity curves within Kontakt with little real success. It seems to me that there is a Kontakt velocity to volume "fix" for Sampltekk pianos available for download - I think from Sampletekk or maybe it was another forum. I downloaded this, but it would only work in a more current version of Kontakt than I can use on my Receptor. So I don't know if that will help. Sorry about being fuzzy on specifics - I'm at work (lunch - no really!) not at home. I agree that Black Grand is a nice set of samples, but it does not compare to the Ivory pianos in "playability" (IMO).

Tom B

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