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QS8.2 Review

Zack Pomerleau

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Just got it.



This will be brief, hahaha.



I Love the Piano sounds, they pretty much nail them, and I like how you can hear little clicking sounds, like a Real Piano. The Rhodes were great, but some of them just didn't have a good Bark, but I like it good enough. Organs are spot on, I love them. Some of the Rhythm things are weird, but I LOVE The Deep Purple B3, Supertramp Wurli, and Rayz Roadz is nice, too.



One thing I noticed is on the C, on octave about the Middle C, the uprise thump is quite louder than EVERY other key, is that normal? It doesn't effect playing, or anything, but low volumes is audible. I want to give props to Mr. Dave, Fanfare is awesome, hahaha. I love this board, I think it rocks, except for the buttons (Squishy) and the hardness to fix Key Split. Great buy!





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As one the the guys who recommended it, I am glad you are happy with it.


I always loved the PurpleB and RayRoadz as well. Did you get to check out the rest of the sounds? There are some great Mellotron patches as well as some unique sounds.


Best of luck with it. I am sure you wil enjoy it.


A Lifetime of Peace, Love and Protest Music


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Haven't noticed Mellotron. Right now I am having a few issues, the big one is there is no Soft Roadz sound, which it says there is. I was hoping it would be a better Rhodes, because I play You Need Meat, by Willie Dixon a lot, and even when playing soft it gets all distorted on me, which ruins the song. Plus I figured out why that huge thump is happening, the little cloth under the keys is like missing there, which is kind of annoying, but I am trying to look past it. Great keyboard, but I am hoping to resolve these issues, if anyone has ideas, or just how to fix velocity (man, it took me awhile to split keys, and now I can't remember how) that would be cool!
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