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O/T: Outlook Express Email Account is receiving numerous DSN


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A computer-related question for A String and all others....


My wife uses Outlook Express as her personal email client. Her emails are send/received from a select group of friends/family.


Over the past few days her INBOX folder has received numerous Delivery Status Notification emails which have nothing to do with any of the msgs that she has sent out.


My guess is that we have some type of virus and/or bot on our PC.


Any help in figuring this out is appreciated.


The incoming emails read as follows:


From: Mail Delivery System

To: my wifes email address

Subject: Delivery Status Notification


This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed permanently:



Technical Details

SMTP:host 550 no such user -psmtp

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Speaking of weird email issues.. I know this is a bit OT, but I mention it for everyone's information, to protect yourselves.


Something like that happened to our Ebay account a few weeks ago, though we only received a few return messages and they were "legitimate" emails, not delivery failure notifications. Someone had hacked into our account and used it to send questions to sellers of autos on Ebay. Somehow Ebay caught it before we saw the two messages and told us to change our passwords. Haven't had a problem since.



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Yeah could be a mass mail worm/bot etc on your comp. But also, it could be as simple as a spammer using your wifes e-mail address as the "Return Address". If you do not know the recipients, the latter is more likely.


I agree with Trucks. It's probably nothing...

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Last time I had a virus on my system, outlook was the reason - force-previewed a virus that had been renamed .jpg!


The trick to dealing with that is to turn off the preview window.


That's what I figured out - ex post facto.


I dumped Outlook. I only use web-based mail now.

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