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Ice Pick Affect


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I was playin' with a bud last night and I had my amp on a tilted stand and I was setup to the side of it... we were working on tones and I stepped in front of my amp, pointed straight up at me, and realized how sharp it was... He told me to put a piece of duct tape on the grill, centered vertically, which I did and it seemed to tone it down a bit and disperse the sound evenly. Was this just in my mind or is this true? He said it was a trick SRV did... :confused:
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You probably noticed it more because the amp was propped-up like that; highs are more directional, while lows tend to kinda seem as if they wash around the room. That's why many newer sound systems- the type that use a subwoofer, like surround-sound get-ups for home theater- have smaller "satellite" boxes for highs and upper-mids that are positioned directionally, while the sub-woofer will be off in a corner behind the couch and be OK...


With a guitar-amp, the highs coming outta the center can be kinda harsh, but you are less likely to notice 'em if it's a little combo-amp on the floor. Tilt it up, or use a closed-back cab that's higher, pointed more towards your ears, and it's more noticeable.


Those Workhorse amps have those spinning-hubcap looking grille-gizmos in front of the speakers for that, and dispersion. There are a few brands of gizmos out there made of wood and probably other materials that you can affix to your grille one way or another for that. The Kendrick K-Spot has a super cool cab design that takes care of that...


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It's kind of silly to put duct tape on a nice cab because you can't properly eq... but if you're ok with it and it sounds good that's between you and your maker... and the guy you try to sell your amp to with damage from duct tape residue. ;)

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and the guy you try to sell your amp to with damage from duct tape residue. ;)

Good point... He also showed me a plastic gadget that goes inside the grille with a type of roundish cone shape... I think I'll take the tape off before it leaves any residue on the grille. Muuuuchooos Grasssiusss.... :thu:

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