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Rhodes tweaking advices needed!


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Hello Rhodes freaks and all!


I just bought another Rhodes, this time it's 54 mark II. Well It's in need of tweaking.

Before I take to the hands of pro repair man, and since I'm sort of do-it-all-yourself man, I would like to try to tweak the Rhodes by myself and hopefully not break it but learn from it. And who knows, maybe I wont have to take it anywhere than for a gig :)



1. the lower keys damping are not working well, when playing hard and when the key is released it gives another wave of sound. I get rid of this quite well by adjusting the tine lower, but the next problem appears:

2. some of the lower keys seems to strike several times when hitting a key. I assume this is beacuse the hammer is too close to the tine, so the resonation of the tine hits to the hammertip. ???



1. What can I do for the dampers?

2. When adjusting the tine position in relation of the mic, does it matter is the tine above or below the mic's tip? I mean that, sometimes the damping won't work if the tine is above, and I got the same timbre (ideal) moving the tine below the tip.


I would like to play rock'n roll kind of sound with this rhodes: punchy sound. What kind of timbre/mic distance adjustment do you prefer for playing that kind of stuff?




p.s. I found some tips here: http://www.fenderrhodes.org/rhodes/manual/toc.html

but want to hear your advices too on these matters







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