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sampletekk white and black piano


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Hey, I just got those two pianos.. something I noticed that are the same with both pianos is that their sound is pretty inconsistent across the range. It's like a specific one all of a sudden sounds very nasal, and other ones may all of a sudden sound muffled. I'm not a "real piano" person with too much real piano experience, but I don't think real pianos do that. (well, sometimes a muffled key here and there) So I'm guessing it's a sampling error?


Like in Black Grand, the E5 sounds very muffled, and stays muffled no matter how hard I play. In White Grand, G4 has an extreme nasal sound that sounds like it came from a gramophone.


btw, I noticed that a lot of the PMI libraries have this problem too. Makes the piano sound very "mic"-ed, and seems to be harshly effected by the string's distance from the mic.


Maybe I should just not resist Ivory. Is it really so hard to sample this beast? Does ArtVista have this problem?

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