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Just a quick report: Today I've played the new Fatar WMK76 plus once again (this time at some lenght), and tried the new CME hammer action controllers. My impressions:


- The Fatar action is a masterpiece. Although I'd prefer for it to be a bit stiffer, this thing has incredible dynamic range. I never played a MIDI keyboard like that before. I played several types of sounds (from a Korg X50), and while I didn't like the sounds themselves too much, I had a *great* time just applying very subtle dynamic control. Also, it's very easy to my fingers - no fatigue at all after repeated fast runs. I kept on playing it as long as I could, it's pianist's heaven. Given certain conditions ( :D ), I will get it very soon.


- The new CMEs: A pleasant surprise. The red one with motorized faders has an *excellent* hammer action (the 88-key model). I feel they still have to work a bit on the key return: it's bouncing back on your fingers quite heavily, unlike a grand piano. I guess that playing that action for a long time could be tiresome. Anyway, a *huge* improvement over the old models.

For some reason, the grey CME with wireless transmission has a different implementation of that same action; a bit softer to the touch, but also easier on the return.

They have good MIDI implementation too (and wheels, and BC input!) - but being just a tad lighter than my Fatar 2001, there would be no point for me to buy one of them. But I guess they will sell well, assuming they have resolved their reliability problems. Well done.


The return of the master controllers.... :evil::D




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It sounds as if they've improved their action from the Kurzweil PC88

days. I've always felt like their action was playing on a tabletop...it gave nothing back. I would be interested in seeing how these new ones feel. Especially in a gig friendly 76 key format.

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Dave - of course tastes on keyboard actions are highly individual. I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy a controller because *I* like it. :D


But one thing I'm sure of is, this keybed has nothing to do with the PC88. ;) Fatar has made excellent, good *and* crap keyboard actions during the years. I'd put the PC88 in the "good" file; this one is excellent.

I'm not feeling compelled to hype them because I'm Italian; I really feel an affinity for this particular action. I repeat, I've never played a MIDI keyboard, on any instrument, which gave me such dynamic control. I'm quite impressed.


That said... try before you order. :D

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