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Interesting "new" rig setup

Max Valentino

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Plugging into the FX return does bypass the preamp




Are all amps this way? If I understand my manual, my Genz Benz has the effects loop before the EQ. All I would bypass would be the preamp stage (tube and gain) but not the EQ stage. Would that make a difference as noticable as you guys are having with a post preamp FX loop.?


Hell, I need to just quit reading all this stuff and just play my GB rig. Thinking just gets me in trouble.

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I had a similar happy accident recently.

I have been using a Joe Meek VC1Qcs Studio Chanel for miking my vocals for quite a while now with great results.

I landed some gigs playing an acoustic bass (fretted 4 string with peizos) and was not able to use an amp. The sound through the PA was flat and muddy so i plugged in the Joe Meek and POW!!! What a tone. I use it as my preamp at every gig and with every amp cab combo i own. It really has made the difference.

I am not quite as deeply into the quest for the "ONE" as you are yet but I thought i would share my expirience.

I will check out some of the tips in your post and see if it does the trick.

Mongo Play Bass - It have more than 1 Strings


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