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Gentlemen, start your wallets...

Michael Patrick

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Yea, Michael, it is hard to find these in "all original" condition. When master volume hit, everyone thought these JTM-45's were passe. So, mods were commonly done. Oppsy!!


It's a little concerning that the back white panel with the serial number is gone. It may be totally innocent. The amp certainly looks good. The pictures are really great on the eBay auction.


I wonder why the white back panel would have been removed?



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Whoa... :eek::love:


This is absolutely the most pristine original JTM45 that I have ever seen. The sky is the limit for how much this thing will fetch.


Marshall JTM45 auction


Anyone wanna lend me $10,000?


you pay half and i will pay half, i get to use it for he first 20 yrs and then you get it. :D

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The one in the auction is not all original. The power tube sockets, at least, have been replaced. They say "Russia" on them. You could not buy anything made in "Russia" in the mid 60s. Even if you could, they would have said "USSR" on them and in Cyrillic (CCCP) rather than Roman letters (USSR). In any case, Tung Sol did not carry anything made in Russia/USSR in the 60s. No one would have bought them anyway (except probably people from Berkeley).


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