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Come be Groove Tubes little buddies!

Jeff Klopmeyer

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Rules? Musicians don't follow rules! Ah, but they do if they want to be part of the BandWidth community.


Luckily, my rules here are pretty simple.


1. Advertising, Soliciting, and General Spam


This stuff really ruins the experience of other forum users. If you've ever tried to participate on a forum where every other post is from someone trying to sell you something, you know what I mean. Therefore, it is forbidden to use BandWidth as a vehicle to sell products and services.


By Jeff Klopmeyer, Bandwidth Moderator.

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It doesn't seem like spam to me. I hate spam, more then anyone, but what Jeff posted seems to be an offer to be a friend of the company, on MySpace. He is not trying to sell anything that I can see.


It is a fine line and I will consider it further, but it doesn't seem to cross that line, to me anyway.



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Ok folks, let's stop debating about this thread. There is nothing wrong with Jeff's invitation to become GT myspace friends. I'm hoping that it might actually bring other friends to our GP forums.


It is relevant to what we should be discussing in these forums.


I will delete any future posts discussing whether it should be allowed or not. I say it is allowed, and thats that final word.


If you have a different opinion, contact me to discuss it.

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Thanks Jim.


For those of you who don't feel that a MySpace friend invite is the equivalent of a spam ( :rolleyes: ), you're welcome to come on over. And I'm happy to say we upped our friend count by about 40 people yesterday alone, almost all from here at the GP forum, so thanks again.


One thing I'm going to post there on the GT MySpace page, upon its final completion, is a trimmed-down version of the "Choosing & Using Tubes" guide, which will offer the tube complement for about 1,000 different guitar amps. Should be a handy resource... hope you enjoy.

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