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Been playing for about a year and two months in three of my fingers started popping/cracking its not loud enough to year but I can feel it. And when Im playing it doesent happen becuase they way I have to bend my finger to make it pop. The whole ten months I have had it they have not hurt at all.
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Recently, the index finger of my fretting hand started doing what you're describing. If I bend it tightly, the second knuckle will pop. It doesn't hurt, but I am getting a bit concerned about it. Maybe a trip to the Dr. is in order...

I can't really offer any advice, but at least you're not alone ;)

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Ah. My fingers have been doing that after I play. I noticed if I play my bass less the more the crack. I think its strange....

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That have been happened to me since I remember it's caused by bad habits bad exercises diferences on temperature. playing without proper warm up.


It's unliely to find a musician that never felt that.




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