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Had a really fun gig yesterday...


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A bandmate of mine runs a music camp program for kids 10-18 in Eugene, one of those School of Rock-type camps. He invited me to bring some keys and talk about synths and electronic music, so I took the Minimoog, a delay pedal, the laptop and Axiom controller. I talked about how I got turned onto electronic music (hearing Switched on Bach in grade school), gave a brief history of synths, demo'd the Mini, then some softsynths (TimeWARP 2600, Crystal, Sun Ra). Did a jam with some of the other instructors on the Peter Gunn theme. Then, the best part, invited the kids up to play with the stuff, for about 10 minutes of the funnest Bad Sci-fi space music ever! The only downside was that one kid requested we play "Frankenstein" and I didn't know the tune well enough to fake it. Will have to do my homework next time.


The kids seemed to be really into it, asked some really smart questions afterwards. Plus I got to hear the kids jam on some tunes, "Higher Ground" and "Cantaloupe Island" with the US3 rap, and they rocked it! Was a very inspiring and refreshing afternoon.

Turn up the speaker

Hop, flop, squawk

It's a keeper

-Captain Beefheart, Ice Cream for Crow

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Hello New&Improv,


That sounds like a very fun gig indeed. It's very generous of you to share your knowledge and love of music with kids as you did. I'm sure you influenced some of them and that they will ask their parents if they can buy a new synth.



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