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OT: What part of you moves to the groove?


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Hm yeah I just recently noticed my right shoulder moving whilst I play. What part of you moves to the groove?? (yeah I'm bored)

Okay I got my hair cut! Its now this short *shows how short using hand*


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I tend to tap my foot and do the duck (neck) dance, the drumer i play with knows that whenever I have my neck/head steady, that means we are not laying the groove




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Everything. I can't play a song that has anything remotely resembling a groove without moving. I "feel" the groove much better if I move. In church with the limited stage real estate, I have to be really careful to not fall off the back of the stage, nor whack the worship leader in the head with my bass...although I do try to tastefully contain myself a bit.




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Its either my head, my knees or my feet...or any combination thereof. It depends on the song and what feel we decide to give it that particular night.

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Nothing, it took me years to cultivate and perfect my "Roy Orbison" stand perfectly still and look uncomfortable stage persona. Why would I want to ruin it now?


Actually I do the head thing and shift my weight back and forth between my feet. Some sort primal dance or something. I am gonna have to watch some tape to see.



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I guess my head + the rest of my body depending on the groove of the tune... :cool:


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