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Before we had "Amp Modeling" - we had DD ;)


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Learned my 1st chops from this Man in the early 60's (from recordings I mean) - Dick Dale - and a bunch of Ventures Albums too ;) This guy was a true picker - them other "Zombies" in his band - well who knows - hehe... check out his other videos too he gets down even in his old age - SURF MUSIC BABY... from the USA!


old man here but still pushin' them strings


"well fellas... there's 1 other thing yer gonna need to make it in Rock & Roll besides all them guitars and amps and drums and things. They call it A SONG..."
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Man, he's got awesome tone!! I love Dick Dale! :rawk:


The Deltones sure looked happy to be there. :snax:


That sure looks like Dave Grohl on drums in the 2nd vid. He rocks too.

Avoid playing the amplifier at a volume setting high enough to produce a distorted sound through the speaker-Fender Guitar Course-1966



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Duh... I never realized Dick Dale plays with the bass strings on the bottom... >>>> Bonehead <<<<


You are not alone!


I believe Doyle Bramhall II does, too. He plays a left handed guitar but keeps it strung as if it was a righty.



Heard a PBS interview on Dick Dale. Said he played with such heavy strings that he used to shred picks on them.

Raise your children and spoil your grandchildren. Spoil your children and raise your grandchildren.
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