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I think I need three new keyboards to do what I want.


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I'm a converted guitarist playing keyboards in a blues band. RIght now I'm using an old Korg CX-3 with a Line 6 Rotomachine and an Ensoniq ZR-76 piano. I want to upgrade my sounds and I think I want a Hammond XK-1 with the onboard Leslie sim, and a Yamaha p-90 piano. BUT, I'm still a guitar player in one band, and would like to add keyboards in that band without having to carry two boards, so I'm thinking Nord Electro for that band because of the good organ and Rhodes sounds. I guess I could use the Nord in the blues band, too, but I think the Hammond is superior. ?????
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Nu2, You have what I consider a good grip on the duel keyboard selection. Both the Yamaha and the Hammond are good choices. Now I for one have tried hard (like others on this forum) to like the Nord. It doesn't suit me for various reasons. Many others here love the board so I am not going to go there. My suggestion is spend time with what you want to buy. It is the only way to know for sure.


If you want some other choices a used Roland VR 760 will give you the Roland VK organ which I like and the ability tu use as a piano. I think you could add two expansion boards to it to improve the piano and EP sounds as well.


Also the Yamaha motifs are a good source for Pianos/EP/ and pretty fair organ sound plus a lot of power under the hood if you take the time to tweak it.


Others have opinions too so listen up.



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Maybe the Yamaha CP33 could carry both the piano and organ duties without having to use two keyboards. And it's easy to gig with at 39lbs. You could always add a light non-weighted controller later if you wanted to play the organ sounds without using the weighted keys.
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I'd get the nord and use all the sounds - organ, clav, wurlitzer, cp70, rhodes and piano. You only need that one board. I used a nord electro 61 for rhodes and piano last night - it fits perfectly on top of the XK system organ. The nord's piano sounds fine in stereo, and 61 keys are plenty - keeps you from grandiose over-playing. The hammonds are superior, but you're playing guitar, too and the nord's size and lightness will work for you.
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