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OT: Tipping


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Some stray thoughts on tipping from Vegas -


1. I park valet whenever available, and always tip just a little bit more than most tourists. It pays of in sooooo many ways.


2. Even though I use a tip jar, I never expect, or "vibe" people into tipping when playing solo in a restaurant or club, but I generally get tipped at least something by EVERYONE in the house.


3. Tipping has generated some interesting issues in Las Vegas - one being debated right now in our legislature. Most tips with casino workers are "pooled" instead of held individually. At the Wynn, with many high-rollers, this has created a situation where dealers earn far more than their superiors. Result: many dealers now at the Wynn are former pit supervisors. Mr. Wynn is now attempting to enact a policy where current supervisors can share in the pool. It's turning into quite a debate.


4. I've always found tipping a nice way to forge a good relationship with someone who frankly . . I need a lot more than they need me.


5. I always crack up at the scene in My Cousin Vinny when he tips the baliff when entering the court room.

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First to answer the actual question -- I typically tip 10% at the Mongolian BBQ place. Seems right to me. The people who run it are Korean, and have carefully preserved their culture's tradition of exaggerated politeness. So, I have no idea if they are happy with my tips or not -- they smile and bow to everyone. :)


I always tip waiters and waitresses well, unless their service actually pisses me off. Having worked in restaurants in my younger days, I recognize that it's a difficult job that requires real skills to do well. It's expensive to live in the Bay Area, and if those people didn't get good tips, they couldn't pay their bills. Maybe that's wrong, and maybe restaurant owners should pay more. But me undertipping isn't going to fix the problem, it's just going to hurt the wait staff. So I tip.




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I believe in tipping strongly and I carry a healthy clip of singles for just such an occasion - I call them "lucky bucks". It's a karma thing for me - people are often generous with their tips towards me as a solo pianist so I have an obligation to help others. I try to be charitable whenever I can be because I am grateful for my blessings. Money is nasty stuff anyway, better to use it to lift your spirit.


Good stuff!

I had a half completed reply done here at work all day yesterday and was never able to finish. I really agree with tipping well whenever possible. I almost NEVER tip 10% usually 15-20%. You would have to piss me off greatly for me NOT to tip at all.


I think of it as putting money in circulation just like Karma, it comes back at you in some positive way. I never regret giving money or stuff away. It just feels good.

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When I play, I usually run a bar tab that I pay at the end of the gig. I'll add the tip at that time for the entire night, much like of I'd gotten a bill for a meal. Most bartenders have no problem with that.


One time, though, I spent an entire break waiting to get a beer, with the bartender ignoring me. I finally got very pi**ed off and said something. The jerk then proceeded to tell me that because I hadn't tipped, he wasn't serving me. I proceeded to tell the jackass that I tip at the end of the night when I pay my tab. I then went to the owner. I got my beer, and he lost his job.



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