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Big Red 67

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I sort of like Dylan or, more to the point, the legend, the myth of Dylan.


But I sort of lost the plot back in the 1970s. I think Street Legal was in the stores. And in the meantime, he's put out 93,754,032 albums since then (not including bootlegs) so he's a bit of a full time job, isn't he?


What's worse, I can't really remember which ones were meant to be good and which ones were meant to be crap so it's a minor minefield, at at least a tenner a pop.


It's a bit like studying philosophy or something... there's SO MUCH to catch up on that I get tired just thinking about it. :P

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IMHO the top three artists who have had the most impact on music and culture in the last 50 years are (in no order) Elvis, The Beatles and Dylan.


Bob has had ups and downs and he's changed his voice several times. He has been on a consistent roll for the last ten years or more putting out music that is still very viable.

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Bob's an interesting case study in human behavour with respect to celebritiy and where it goes when the myth exceeds reality, or rather reality fades.


I can listen to some of the older stuff, Maggies Farm.. and I like the material with Mark Knoffler.


Saddly.. it ends abruptly for me there and for one reason or another I buried Mr. Zimmerman.


Oh, hear this Robert Zimmerman

I wrote a song for you

About a strange young man called Dylan

With a voice like sand and glue

His words of truthful vengeance

They could pin us to the floor

Brought a few more people on

And put the fear in a whole lot more


I always liked that... thanx David.

I still think guitars are like shoes, but louder.


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Originally posted by Big Red 67:

Come on there ain't no more Dylan fans. Not even intrigued?

There are lots of Dylan fans out there, I was in a band with one a few years ago.


This guy could quote ALL of BD's lyrics off by heart and he had pretty much everything, including the bootleg of the Rolling Thunder Revue which was pretty fantastic.


Dylan fans are a breed of their own but they're definitely out there. I'm just not obsessive enough to be one. :)

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I haven't heard it, but I wouldn't avoid it. I'm just not running to hear it, either.


I was floored by The Traveling Wilburys albums. Bob was in fine form, his voice adding exactly what was necessary to the songs he sang. The same was true of all those involved. They utilized each voice well.

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I haven't heard it. If someone played it for me I would give it a try, but I wouldn't buy any Dylan without hearing it first. Bob Dylan is one of those guys that I feel I am supposed to like, but I think is over-rated. He has some great songs but alot of what he sings about sounds sensless to me. Blowin in the Wind is one of the best lyrics ever, but alot of his other songs sound like senseless ryhmes.


I saw him on tour with Paul Simon a few years back. His show did not work at all. He doesn't have the voice to carry him over a full rock band. Some of first electric songs worked but thats because The Band knew how to play behind him and use dynamics. The time I saw him I could barely even tell he was singing, much less hear any lyrics or melodies. I would think as a solo acoustic performer in a club he would be sublime, as many singer/songwriters are. I don't want to say he sold out per se, but I think he wanted to be a rockstar and disregarded his true talents in doing so.

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I heard a bit of it in Starbuck's last night. It sounded like something relatively nice, if you don't mind Dylan's voice. His higher nasal "siren whistle" voice is gone...he almost sounds as if he's trying to channel Tom Waits these days.
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