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Way OT: Windows XP and hackers


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I consider myself to be fairly computer savy. Well, enough to get myself into trouble anyway. I run a firewall, virus protection, adaware, hijack this, and cwshredder. Still my browser got hijacked by something I could not find. Everytime I ran a web search, did not matter what search engine, and I'd click on the link, it would take me to a web site I did not click on. I looked in the registry files, tried adaware in safe mode, searched my task manager processes and could not discover the problem.

I did some searching and downloaded Ewido anti malware software. I ran that in safe mode and it found three more problems in the system 32 folder. I deleted them and that solved the hijack problem.


Just a rant here but it seems like MS could develop a safer operating system.

I realize there are options such as linux and firefox, but after years and years of windows, I'm kinda familiar with it and hate to go off trying to find compatible software.


MESSAGE TO HACKERS: Please leave my computer alone now I'm tired thanks. :thu:



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Originally posted by A String:

Try out Firefox. It's really not the big a difference from Internet Explorer but it's much safer. Plus, it has popup blockers, Download managers and a whole host of cool features.


Think of it as Internet Explorer with some cool, extra stuff you added to it.

I had firefox on my computer as well as ie but didn't play with it enough. In my little experience you had to look for plugins to get it to work with anything. Maybe it's time for a closer look at that stuff.



Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

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I've used Firefox for some years now, and I used Opera before that. It's a *long* time since I used IE.


I use AVG AntiVirus, AdAware and ZoneAlarm and I'm pretty virus free and have been for years.


Go & have a guddle around in www.grc.com


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Originally posted by souvenir:

Originally posted by Fumblyfingers:

This is one of the main reasons why I use a Mac. Everyone I know with Pee Cees gets just hammered by virus'.

You speak the truth. I also use a Mac!
Amen to that. :thu:



I've heard Leo Laport - a tech radio host in California - say you MUST use Firefox on the pc if you want to stand a chance of not getting spyware. Most who use it, love it.

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