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OT..music for sick minds (mature)


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if you are a little sick and like hard rock with a warped sense of humour. and don't mind profanity in your comedy..check out the sons of butcher.

this is a teletoon show and i haven't had chance to see it i laughed my @ss off checking out the tunes.


warning..mature lyrics (or immature?)

The sons of butcher on Myspace

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Sorry i havent replied folks, Thanks for the welcome to those who did. Allright, Got half of the money for the amp but now i need som advice. PREAMP TUBES! I am very glad my grandmother has endless valvestate crap in her garage, And ive come across antique tubes. 6CG7...Looked a little bit on it, And aparently this GE tube has some history, SO! I need to know if i can put it in the slot for the preamp tube of the valvejunior head. Next question: Anyone heard of that Lightbulb compression thing-a-ma-bob? Im really interested in it, And plan on entergrating it in to the stanby switch so i can switch between non-attentuated, And the lightbulb ( Besides, If flashes and changes glow when you play..Shiney things excite me 8-D ) Last question: Ive heard talk of people taking out the EL84 and replacing it with the 6V6 and the EL34 tubes. Now...I see how you would need to do a little mod work on the tube sockets but wouldnt the tranny's have trouble pushing those tubes? Once again a little brain storm: It would be killer to beable to change from the EL84 to a 6V6 for that more of a preamp drive sound. REPLY BACK! Country folk like me have trouble trying to program a VCR much less Mod an amp, So help a honkie out. Thanks yall.
Never trouble trouble till' trouble troubles you.
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Years ago I wrote a song about an ex I called F*** you, you f***in' f***. My dad loved it, my mom never heard it, and I was kind of embarrased about the name but wouldn't change it. Today I see bumper stickers and t-shirts with those exact words on it. Go figure.



If you can't say it in 12 bars... then it can't be said!

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