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  1. In the IOS version go to settings then Download and scroll to the bottom of the page. You"ll see the option to select info or buy. Not sure if it is the same with Mac OS.
  2. Mike, I haven"t watched all the videos yet but just wanted to say a sincere thank-you for all of the work and insights that you have put into this synth"s review(s).
  3. Originally Posted by waygetter , if all migrant travel is banned, who will harvest all the crops? Migrant agri workers will be allowed in as per this afternoon"s press briefing.
  4. CNBC just reported that Italy has shut down all business except food stores and chemists which I assume to be pharmacies.
  5. Start with turning the Master Volume down in G2 then you can dial in the sound that you want.
  6. I used to have instruments and vintage car parts shipped to a friend"s place just across the border, drive over, pay any border fees and taxes. As of March 2019 most of the states have imposed a sales tax on online sales. Last fall I was able to buy a Vintage Air unit for my '72 convertible at dealer cost. Since it was delivered in Niagara Falls NY I had to pay 7% NY State sales tax plus the Ontario taxes.Still saved about $600 over buying the same unit up here. As drawback stated it is expensive.
  7. I thought the same as konaboy - could be they are bringing out a 'classic synths' module to expand their lineup. We"ll find out in another 5 weeks.
  8. paulkondig] Did Picard try to send SysEx? Ha ha No! I saw that as well. Might have just been the angle of the shot but it looked fairly large and deep. Engage Number 1. ðºð
  9. Since Pete Traynor was a good friend of my father I always had a Bass Mate, columns and other Traynor gear. Mate, that Shure Mixer brought back memories. Anyone else also use a Bogen preamp? I remember mixing and matching various Fender heads and cabs with Traynor amps and cabs. One one tour we were given Sunn amps to use, we weren"t used to that much power and our guitar player nearly blew our ears out. While my head may miss the sound my back is grateful for today"s smaller, lighter gear.
  10. Do most still use PayPal for those non cash transactions?
  11. I"ve bought and sold on various forums, Ebay and last week tried Facebook Marketplace with excellent results (synth sold and picked up within 2 days). I once traded a JD800 straight up for a Juno60 while on Vintage Synth. A huge leap of faith as I shipped first, waiting for its arrival before the Juno shipped. The JD box was trashed upon arrival thankfully I had plenty of other packing around it even at that a corner cap was broken but all else was fine. He shipped the Juno, the box was a mess but no damage to the synth. He still has the JD and I the Juno 9 years later. I"ll ship a rack these days but not a kybd.
  12. Saw the BSS tour in Vancouver, likely we shared the same 'state/plane'. When the quad kicked in most ppl looked up and followed the sound in each of the 4 speakers. I had seen Led Zep not long before and thought that ELP had more speakers in the air than LZ had onstage. With the Colliseum being round the sound really swirled and was loud. Bought my MiniD shortly after that ELP concert.
  13. Markyboard, thank-you very much for your great video. Given that I am not looking for a replacement to my '74 mini I did find the sound differences btn the 2 enlightening. It has a different character and features. Once I determine that the issues brought up on the various forums have been resolved I will add one as I can hear where it can enhance some of our soundtrack work. I"ll ask Brian Kehew his thoughts after he has had sometime with it which knowing BK he ultimately will.
  14. Markyboard, I"m looking fwd to your review and comparison with your Mini. I have a '74 Mini that won"t ever be sold, have owned a The Source and Voyager - the '74 stayed. What are you running through the Speakeasy? I have the stereo vers but is seeing little use lately.
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