When my wife and I formed our band Noon Fifteen with three good friends, we were looking for unusual ways to get our music out there. We'd done the spend-lots-of-money-and-make-CDs-that-people-don't-buy thing, and we wanted something different that would stir our creativity.

I had a few people talking to me about how much they love podcasts around that time, and their thoughts about how cool it would be for more musicians to take advantage of the medium the way comedians have, so we've been using a podcast as a sort of audio liner notes for all of our releases thus far. I love putting them together, as nothing thrills me more than blathering on about songwriting and record-making, but it's also a great way to present a sense of the band comraderie and sense of humor. I read once that David Gilmour has regretted that nobody really got to see how funny Pink Floyd was, as their records and live shows didn't present any of their Pythonesque interactions.

The whole archive is [url=http://www.noonfifteen.com/cast]on our website[/url], and it's also on Apple Podcasts and Google and all the usual places. We also released a new episode today. It was meant to coincide with a festival appearance; instead the song about being trapped in your house, afraid to travel, is timely for an entirely different reason.

Hope my fellow musos and podcast fans enjoy!

Samuel B. Lupowitz
Composer. Arranger. Musician. Food Enthusiast. Bad Pun Aficionado.