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eq guitars for album...Help!!


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I am just looking for the extra edge on this project. I have the guitars sounding pretty full, but I just need them to be thicker, more like a indie, Taking Back Sunday vibe, Yellow Card, The used sound. If you know anything I will take it your advice. Once again just need that extra push to get it over the edge.
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I don't know any of the bands you mention, but this will bump up your thread.


Just out of curiosity, how are you recording the guitars? D/Iing or miking up some sort of amp? What sort of guitars are they? What recording gear are you using? What sort of outboards?


For a fuller, muddier, more indie sound, what about either multi tracking the guitars (tried that, right?), using a smaller crappier amp (old ghetto blasters work a treat) or even recording the guitar parts onto tape and then rerecording them as digital parts?


Just thinking out loud...

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If you can compress the guitar heavily, it thickens up the sound quite a bit. I never heard the bands you mentioned, but that might work. Alos you can get a bit more warmth and thickness out of a tube mic preamp. Behringer makes one for cheap.

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Take the guitar track(s)...make a copy...then push it back or forward by a few samples/ms on the timeline.


Don't go too far...or it will start to sound like a delay.



The combination of the original plus the timeline offset track will fatten things up.


You can also pan the original as desired...and the offset clone, equally to the opposite side... for an even "fatter" effect.

If you had the original dead center...then try panning it hard to one side and the clone hard to the opposite side.


If you don't timeshift the two tracks too far appart on the timeline...the combination of the two tracks will make the guitar appear to be panned in the same spot as when you had just the original...but the sound will be bigger.


Am I makin' sense...?

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Mostly I find that everyone is trying to make every single track as huge as possible. End result, nothing sounds that good. I suggest trying some subtractive eq on the other tracks, and maybe puching up the mids or pulling down some of the upper tones in the guitar tracks. All of this is suggested without hearing your originals, but it seems to be a solution that comes up often these days.



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How does your Bass track sound. Make sure your bass is pumping good in the 80-100 area and subtract a little from the guitar tracks in that same area to make room for the bass. If you need to do anything to the guitars do it in small increments. To thicken up guitars try a small Q bump in the 190-250 area. or bump it in the 500-700 area.

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