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Plugging in digital effects after year(s) of collecting dust?

Virtual Jim

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Hey all,


If anyone knows about electronics, I've got a question/scenario for you that I hope you'll be able to help me with.


I powered up my Digitech XP-100 Whammy/Wah for the first time in years. To my surprise, it still works, meaning that you can hear it change the normal sound. Unfortunately, the normal sound sounds like excrement. The signal and clip LEDs are either both on or both off. Fiddling with the input knob changes the quality nature of the excrement, but it's still excrement.


I opened up the back and tightened all the screws and tried to get as much dust out as possible, but that didn't really help for a sound perspective.


Does anyone think they know what's going on simply by that description? I know this is a longshot.


As if it isn't implied... never, ever, ever let this happen to your toys. Take better care of them than I have! I'm finding out the hard way. :cry:

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Sounds like the problem could be dust and grime build up in the pots or on the contact points.


To check if it's the pots, turn the gain up and down, quickly over and over again. If it makes loud, staticy noises, it's the pots. Try each pot.


If they are all clean (Don't generate any noise), then it's probably the contact points on the Wah. In that case, I would take the thing apart and clean it right out making sure that the contact points are completely clean.

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