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Multitrack recording on a laptop

Mark Aston

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Remember, that device acts as a bridge between the instruments and your computer. The software you run will ultimately control the recording aspects. I would recommend either Cubase or Cakewalk for multi-track recording.


If you are just doing some home recording, you can always plug your board directly into your sound card and skip the bridge all together. But for professional recording, you should really have a good quality bridge.


I haven't used the US122, but I do own a few Tascam products and I highly recommend them.


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I've owned the 122. It is a great place to start. It is highly limited, but what you get for your money makes it a great value. At the top of this page are banner ads. I see one for a device called the aspire 1394. It looks to be in a similar vein, and being newer, I'd have to check it out if I was buying today. Also, don't skip MAudio. They have a couple of similar solutions.


If you want to go big or stay at home, I use the RME cards in my studio and my home rig. I also recommend the Lynx cards for pro work.


I'm a fan of SAWStudio and Samplitude. Both have demos available.


The answer to your question is "Yes", and it is true with most any audio card made within the last 11 years. Prior to that there were a few that could either play back or record, but not at the same time. The card mode is called SRP (simultaneous record/playback). Sort of like in communications... an a walkie talkie the device can only send OR recieve, not do both at the same time. Whereas on a telephone, you can do both.



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I just got the Tascam 122 last week. I haven't had time to put it through its paces, yet. But it looks a pretty good piece of equipment. As has been said already, it's just a bridge but it will probably make recording easier. The multi-tracking part is indeed handled by the software. I'll probably post more info about this unit once I get familiar with it.

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Originally posted by Kramer Ferrington III.:

Just out of curiosity... why is recording on a laptop different to recording on a normal "tower" PC?

The software isn't any different, but there are some hardware difficulties with a laptop. Generally, laptops don't have true PCI card slots, so many audio interfaces aren't available for laptop use. Generally, laptop users are stuck with USB and Firewire interfaces. There are similar issues for connecting additional hard drives, additional monitor screens, etc.
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