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volume knob crackle


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I just recently bought a used Fender Stratocaster and I'm having a problem with an occasional crackle when I turn the volume knob to a different position. This also happens sometimes when I tap on the knob. Any suggestions as to the cause and/or solution to this problem?
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The pot is dirty. Take off the knob, spritz the shaft with some "Tuner cleaner" from Radio Shack, and spin it back and forth several times. Wipe the cleaner off the exterior of the guitar as soon as possible.


If it still crackles, have the volume pot replaced, or DIY that project yourself.

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Bill speaks the truth, dust in the pot is the most likely cause of the crackly noise.


Get the regular/'black and white' tuner cleaner spray; there's no benefit for your application in the more expensive "color" tuner cleaner.


Place some paper towels around the control on the face of the guitar and (using the straw-like tube that fits to the nozzle) spray some cleaner into the gap around the shaft of the pot where it comes out of the body, there where th nut holds it to the pickguard; fully rotate the shaft back and forth several times. Then remove the pickguard, place some more paper towels around to keep excess cleaner from the guitar, and spray a shot into the opening on the side of the volume-pot. Then rotate the shaft back and forth a good forty times (a good rule of thumb).


While you're at it, do the same for the other two tone-pots, as well.


Do NOT use WD-40 or similar products for this, or contact cleaner. The former leaves too much of an inappropriate lubricant behind, and the latter strips away lube and leaves the pot too dry. Tuner cleaner leaves just enough of an electronically benign lube after cleaning.


If this doesn't take care of it, then either the pot is simply worn, or there're loose connections or faulty solder-joints or the like.

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