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Why isn't there a Guitar Internet Radio station?


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I know there are almost no markets in the world that could support a local radio staion that focuses on guitar. But internet radio would have a large enough audience to make it feasable and maybe even profitable. I don't know why say Guitar Player magazine or some other established institution wouldn't get the ball rolling on this. The record companies would be able to get some of their lesser known artist air time. The music stores, and guitar manufactures would have a perfect demographic to run ads.


It would be nice if it were diverse and covered all styles of music. I get kind of put off when I read all these articles about guitarists but have a hard time finding there music. I am quite often dissapointed in having to buy stuff I have never heard before. The record companies would benefit greatly by having there back catalog of guitar players music out in the public eye again.


I am surprised someone like Mike Varney or Steve Vai (with favored Nations) haven't done something like this. I am sure there would be some royalty issues but there are channels for that. They could also have a spot for up and coming guitarists of all styles, maybe a Sunday night user submitted hour. there could be educational segments and interviews. There are bound to be scores of great guitarists around in every town, but there is no outlet to have there music heard without alot of self promotion.


Again, its a numbers thing. I am sure Dallas/ Fort Worth couldn't support a station like that and probably even LA or New York couldn't. But since the FCC license thing would not be a big upfront cost, and the market would be global, it sounds doable to me. Heck, some guy with a computer could probably do it on his own with very little start up cash.

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Yeah, I'd love to check these out someday, but I'm on dial-up, m'self...


It would be cool if GP were involved in something like that, though. Maybe you aughtta bring it up in a post over on the Guitar Player Editor's Office forum?

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