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Tube Question


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If a tube is designated a 6L6, is any 6L6 good to swap out? I've noticed that there are all kinds of designations like "6L6GC", etc. I'm looking to get some different brands to swap out of my Kingnake cranium to get some different sounds. Do they always have to be a matched pair??


Thanks, bros...

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A matched pair gives you more efficency, since the amp (usually..) works in a 'push-pull' fashion. So if both tubes are identical, the 'pushing' and 'pulling' works better.


No, all tubes are not created equal. Miles is the resident expert in this area, you can querry him, and he'll lead you through an amazing world of tubes and tube choices. Just 'Ask Miles...'



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Ther 6L6GC was the latest development of the 6L6 series and had considerably greater power handling capacity than earlier models. They're all interchangeable in theory, though some modern tubes may not really meet the specs for the type they're supposed to be. I've never bought a matched pair and never will. The hi-fi guys insist on it, but there's no good reason for matching in a guitar amp. If they're a little mismatched, all you'll get is a little bit of even harmonic distortion (ALL of which is eliminated with a perfectly matched pair.)
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