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Blue Strat

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Thanks Blue. They are actually rose colored glasses, but they color didn't come out right in the pic. (Notice I resisted the urge to be Canadian and didn't use the U in colour!)


On the topic of your posts, I'd like to bring up your fantastic DIY effects stuff. I've wanted to build my own effects for a long time and the info you have provided in here has been priceless. Thanks!

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Congratulations, but you're a silly man. :P


Originally posted by Blue Strat:

The mighty Tedster has over 13k... :cry: Hey A-string, cool shades! :cool::thu:


I've slowed down a bit. I think I was ahead of Caevan at one time...

Tedster has over 24k! I have over 10k, and Ted's has consistantly posted about 2.4 times as many posts as me. :D


Great to have you around. You contribute a lot of great information and project a positive vibe. :thu:

It's easiest to find me on Facebook. Neil Bergman




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