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Bigsby stories..

Dr. Ellwood

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I've already put forth my issues with mine, still glad I have it, won't have another, unless, like this one, it comes with a beautiful old piece too gorgeous to pass up! That's how I got my ESP Strat, with a Floyd Rose and in shocking pink! Those 2 reasons were almost enough to pass on it, but the worn-in neck, ebony board, EMGs, and fire-sale price moved me to buy it. It now ranks as a top choice for gigging, never goes out of tune, plays like a possessed diety, and sounds HUGE! They even gave me a moulded Fender Strat case to see it leave the store! They don't know what a gem they had. If I lost it, I'd pay triple what I did to replace it.
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Originally posted by Bluesape:

"They don't know what a gem they had. If I lost it, I'd pay triple what I did to replace it."

Shhhhhhhhh- you'll start a trend, and the prices on axes like that'll go back up again, just like everything else! ;)


I understand there're some little tricks 'n' tweaks 'n' things to look for in the care and feeding of Bigsbys, though I've very little stick-time with them, myself. Much of the same that applies to a Strat-style should hold true with a Bigsby, like attention to the nut-slots and other points of contact along the string-path, a little thoughtfully applied lubricant, stuff like that. A rocking or roller bridge would likely help in most cases, too.


I have seen 'em on axes in stores with the strings contacting the back of a bridge, as well as the saddles. That's gonna put a kink in your hula, for sure.

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