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New stompbox strobe tuner


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At the prompting of one of you, Caevan maybe, I went to GC and bought one. By the way at the last minute I hesitated, at the counter and the salesman gave me another $20 off, so I got it for $169. If you follow the directions closely, it is the best most stable tuner I've ever seen. The display is easy to read when it's on the floor, and you can daisy chain as many as nine stomp boxes and power them from one wall wart. Use the neck pickup, turn down your volume to 2 or three on your guitar, and pluck the string with your bare thumb once every 5 to 7 seconds. When the bars on the far left stop moving you're there. I really got it to do precise intonations with an earvana nut and because I can't stand guitars that are almost in tune. I even use Nut Sauce, which I also think is a very good idea. I also sharpen brand new fish hooks because when I set it, I want it to penetrate without ripping the fishes head off. There you go.


All my stuff is here: www.timothychipman.com
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I haven't tried that "Nut Sauce"; I do put a TINY dab of Radio Shack "Archer"-brand Teflon gel lube (Catalog/Item/Part No. 64-2301A) in the nut-slots and bridge-saddle-grooves and on any moving parts or points of friction (especially on a whammy-bar set-up). Works great! It's clear, and stays put quite well.


I mix my own "Super Lube-Goop" with that and some powdered graphite.


I can't remember what, where, when about the graphite, it was just something that was around the house, I think you can find the stuff in most hardware stores and the like; they sell it for putting into temperamental locks, etc.


I just mixed it up in a little plastic bottle. DO NOT get it on bare wood or scratches and cracks in a finish, especially maple. With the powdered graphite, it'll make a stubborn grey stain that wicks under clearcoats and around nut-slots on maple (and into the wood) like a sonuffabitch! Careful application will do you fine, however. A small gob of goop will do. "Slicker 'an snailsnot onna brass doorknob inna rain!"


I've heard great, glowing remarks on those Graph-Tech saddles, too; Teahead loves his. I've yet to try 'em myself, though.

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


~ Caevan James-Michael Miller-O'Shite ~

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Graph-Tech saddles was the first thing I did to this American Deluxe. I love them too. I also love the short scale neck I got from Warmoth. I mean I really love it. I forgot that with this tuner you make very small moves with the tuners to get the bars to stop moving. Tiny moves.
All my stuff is here: www.timothychipman.com
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I put Graphtechs on when I started breaking any and all strings pretty much every night. I think I've managed to curb my technique too, but the Graphtechs certainly helped with string breakage for me. Any change in tone, feel or playability would be entirely subjective.


The StroboStomp is great! The strobe screen took me a day or to to get familiar with, but after that it was all plain sailing. It tracks notes anywhere on the fretboard instantly, you can even bend a note and watch it track!


Smooth and reliable tuning, the "sweetened" setting makes the guitar seem more in tune all over the neck, especially for chords. It does a great job of powering other pedals too. I had a problem with my PSU a couple of weeks back and the Strobostomp has been powering my board since then, without a hitch.


I don't even make use of the user preset tunings and memory settings, but it would be cool if you're into Sonic Youth or other weird tuning stuff that needs all those presets.


Highly recommended!


Tea. :thu:

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