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I got my Peterson StroboStomp delivered today, $189 from musictoyz, three day delivery! :cool:


First impressions were not good. It's built like a truck...a Tonka truck! Terrible colour and the biggest eyesore to have ever blemished my pedalboard. :(


Appearance aside? It is excellent! :D I instantly fell in love with the "Peterson Sweetened guitar" setting. It seemed to make chords sound in tune better as I played further up the neck.


It did take a little while to adjust to the highly sensitive strobe reading, but once I had tuned up and set intonation by the Strobo, everything stayed pretty smooth. Ten times better than my old Boss tuner. No maybe, definitive tuning!


Funny to see it isn't shipped in true bypass mode, you have to adjust a dip switch to select TB. Not difficult, ten second job located in the battery compartment. The reading is bright, although I'd worry about bright outdoor gig possibly. Not much of a manual either, just an instruction sheet, could have done better here.


All in all? Excellent tuning performance and although packed and styled like a childs plaything, it's actually a serious piece of gear. Worth the money for true bypass "Sweetened" tuning alone.


I just wish it didn't look so funny. :freak:


Tea. :thu:

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Thanks so much for that post Tea! I'm seriously considering going that same way. The tuner on my PODxt pro is pretty shaky. Drives me nuts. What is Musictoysz?
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Hmmmnn... what could that Kinman pickup be for, I wonder? ;):cool:


The Strobo Stomp sounds pretty cool; I'll likely be getting one very soon, myself. One thing a 24&3/4" scale guitar can really use is as good an intonation job as possible, not to mention tuning! I'm always fine-tuning mine after tuning-up with any digital tuner.


The instructions are a bit light, eh? Well, their 'site has a lot of info, although it isn't always right up front where you'd intuitively find it right away.

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I use the Peterson VSII strobe tuner and I do love it! I got it at first because I was having so much trouble getting all the changers on my D-10 pedal steel perfect (and they just gotta be). The VSII has both C6 and E9 tempering and it is just so easy and accurate. I was using my POD 2.0 for tuning before recording and it was flat! I wasn't sure cause I have a Sabine stomp tuner and it didn't agree with the POD (neither did my tuning fork) but the Peterson and the Sabine are right on. Does anyone know if the POD's pitch can be adjusted? Both the Sabine and Peterson support that.


I highly recommend the Peterson line.


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