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Line 6 & Bose team up


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THIS makes a whole lot of sense. When I heard Lee Flier's band perform with the Bose personal PA I immediately thought it would be ideal for use with an amp modeler.


Looks like Bose & Lne 6 are marketing a complete "system" with a Variax going through a POD plugged into the bose PA.


Wonder what kind of price they are putting on this rig?

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Well, I can't comment fairly because truth is, I really don't like modeling stuff. But I've known about the Bose/Line 6 collaboration for awhile and it looks very interesting for those who do like the modeling devices - the Bose PAS is certainly the ideal rig for delivering the sound of a modeler live.


I think it's basically just a different version of the firmware that you can get for the Variax or POD XT which makes it more compatible with the PAS. I don't think the price is different or anything, from buying the pieces separately. There's quite a bit of discussion about it on the PAS forum at the Bose site if you want to inquire further... www.bose.com/musicians and choose the "conversations" option.

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