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Buyer's remorse options


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The Takamine EG240 I bought for a backup guitar, I bought it cuz it sounded so dang good plugged in. I have yet to make it sound that good with my PA. It's okay but not near as good as my Carvin Cobalt 780. Unplugged, it's no contest. Carvin is great. Even the playability is light years apart.


The Takamine, it sounds kind of "woody." I don't know how to describe it. Kind of "dull." (Except plugged in through that California Blonde amp, when testing it, it sounded terrific.)


So, what to do. I only paid $270. They have a Dean guitar there for $550 I like a lot. I was wondering if you think a guitar store would give me full or near credit if I traded up. I bought the Takamine about ten days ago. I don't have the extra money to plunk down. Well, I do but I can't put it on a guitar. I'd have to put it on layaway or something. Bad thing about that is I would not have a backup until I paid it off.


I don't know what to do but it's just not the guitar I thought it was. I'd rather have two decent ones than one crappy and one good one.

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It definitely can't hurt to call the place you bought it ESPECIALLY since you'll be spending even more money there. Personally, I'd call there without mentioning specifics, like the guitar, your name etc. I'd just ask their return policy and get a feel for how nice they'll be. If they'll do it, worse case, assuming the guitar is in the same condition as you bought it, they may charge you a restocking fee.


If all else fails, you can also try eBay and who knows, you might get more than you paid.


Best of luck!

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Originally posted by stanner:

let me introduce you to my lil friend. this will stop these kinda problems.

he has a great name:

'Martin Fender Gibson'


s :cool:

Oh, yeah, since Fender and Gibson have such a reputation for consistency in the under $500 range. :rolleyes:

"For instance" is not proof.


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Take it back now. best chance at getting anything back worth while.


I'm similar, in that I have to live with a toy for a while before I know if I like it or not. On the other hand, acoustics just 'speak' to me, and I know about them immediately. On the other hand, I never listen to them through an amp, as I just don't care what they sound like when they are plugged in., It is what it is, and the PA is going to destroy that, anyway.



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Go to the store owner or manager in person. Ask for help. Usually, they will. What would you do if you were the manager? You would probably trade the customer out of it and into something he might like better. If they don't, sell it on eBay and do your business elsewhere.



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