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Fine, I'll Make My Own


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Guitar that is. Okay, I love my strat, but it's not the most versatile axe on the planet. And, it's kinda hard to play the upper frets on it. Sure, I could buy somethin else, but wouldn't it be awesome to start from scratch and create somthin totally original? It would be, like, the perfect axe! Has anybody ever done that before? Maybe some reccommended reading? (Oh yeah, this is maybe a little a important- my current knowledge of wood-working is as good as my chances for becoming president.)
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Man, I'd love to do it, but my woodworking knowledge is also .... crap. I know enough to work a router, though, so I guess I'm ok for some things. Also, I realised yesterday how damn expensive parts are. One day.... one day....


As for books, I know someone around here had a book to recommend not long ago, can't remember what it was or find it, though, so sorry. :x

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The neck would be the hardest part to make because of the fretboard. That stuff has to be precise. I bought a neck off of e-bay a while back so I could make my own guitar, but now I need the money more, and past experience has proven to me that I haven't got the will to do the job right. I'll just stick to modifying guitars and sell all my old parts for the extra income. :)


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There are lots of sources that will show up for info about how to construct your own instrument but other than building a model from pre-selected parts---that is, actually building a guitar, the first & best idea would be to apprentice with someone who actually does that & makes guitars similar to what you might want.

This is something that's a hands-on, trial-&-error thing; not something that you can readily (or inexpensively) learn from a book.

In the meantime (& perhaps to better focus), what is it about your guitar that makes you feel this way?:

Originally posted by njrocker:

And, it's kinda hard to play the upper frets on it.

Bad action/intonation? Frets too "tight"/close?
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Great book for starters and perfectionists, as well as basic repairs:

Guitar Player's Repair Guide by Dan Erlwine


I found a decent book at my local library too, don't remember the name though. However, if you're not poistive you want to start this project yet try your local library before you spend a hundred dollars on books you may never read. (Now I sound like Levar Burton) But you don't have to take my word for it. :D:rolleyes:

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