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Hey, guitar monsters! Amt or Boss ?


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First of all Welcome to the Forum, this is definitely becoming an International Forum - Europe, Australia, China and Now Russia :wave:


As to your question, please tell us more about your style, equipment, what type of music etc...

There are plenty of people with lots of opinions ;)


Plus, you might want to use the SEARCH button up top, it does a good job of finding past questions and answers.


Hope you stay a while Whisky



Lynn G
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I play rock music such a Vai and etc.

And the sounds of the Boss pedals seems to me not so "powerfull".

My guitar is Ibanez RG prestige 2027 XVV.

And i need to the pedal sounds good and clear in the live plays, when the party is wery loud.

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My English is not so good, to understand such text. Unfortunately i do not use the Vodka.

I use the wine for turn my mind sometimes.


What about The Rammstein sound?

How their guitar riffs sounds like a hammer on my head?

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Hello Whisky! :wave:


Have you looked at DOD pedals? The DOD Grunge or DOD Death Metal Distortion might be what you are looking for. Both are good for metal or heavy rock like Rammstein. I've got the Death Metal distortion, but I think I'd get the Grunge pedal if I could do it over again. :)


a.k.a. "El Guapo" ;)


...Better fuzz through science...



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I need your opinion about AMT pedals too.

guitardrive.com - there is some demos.

But i am afraid the speaker simulator that built-in in all AMT peds. If i`ll play through the combo, what sound i`ll get?


I'll try the DOD if I find them here.

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