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string squeak


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So I got this new 8 track digital recording device, and I get a book on recording, and I'm reading up on recording acoustic guitar....


The book says that certain strings have "less finger slide squeak" than others. I have used Martin strings like forever. Of course after I read this, I'm a squeaking fool.


Anyone know of some sorta squeak free strings? I thought squeak was like a hand oily/humidity/room type thing. I assume Nylon strings are different, but ain't metals all alike?

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The closest you'll come is to go with a coated string. Elixir, d'Adarrio and Black Diamond make them as, I'm sure, do others. Of the three listed I like the d'Adarrio & Black Diamonds. I personally don't like the Elixir strings though there are lots of folks that do.

Try 'em all & pick the one that works best for you.

All that being said, I don't use coated strings on any of my instruments. I use DR Strings.


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