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Roland GT6


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I'm thinking of getting my son a GT6 for Xmas. Is this a wise choice? Anything else I should look at? We have a POD xt at the house, but I thought he might enjoy having this, as well. He's 18 and just starting to play gigs. I'm a keyboard guy and haven't got a clue about this stuff. Thanks!
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Some people really like GT-6's and others don't find them very useful...


It is a little redundant if you already have a PODxt... although they do have different sounds, they sorta do the same thing.


Maybe you could tell us a bit more about what other stuff he has... What other Guitars, Amps, Recording stuff, Mic's, and so on that he has or needs...


For the money a GT-6 costs, there are lots of other things you could buy... so let us know and we can suggest a few things.



I'm still "guitplayer"!

Check out my music if you like...



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hey, i got the the GT6 last year for christmas and heres the thing....

to me, its awesome in every aspect, a ton of patches, you can alter you sound indefinatly and, volume/wah pedal...everything about it pretty much rocks...BUT....i only used all that stuff for about the first three months, out of 85 places for different effects (in case you dont know what patches are), i only use three now, 1 clean and 2 distortions, i mess with the sounds once in a while and i do aprecciate the delay and reverb it has on there but all the other effects i rarely use. So is it worth the money and will he like it?... id say yes, i do at least, the essential stuff on there (distortion, an EQ, reverb, delay, volume and wah pedal, preamp) would cost as much, if not more than the pedal. Its takes a little to get stuff down at first, a skim through the manual should do it, some people say the unit is kinda confusin but i dont see why, then again theres always the GNX3, which is the same price and has a little digital recorder in it, but i dont know how much you can actually change and get "your" sound...ive never tried one

anyway goodluck, if you have any other questions feel free to ask

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If you already have a PodXT, I'd avoid the GT-6.


Last month I demo'd both of these looking for an alternative to lugging a 70-pound tube amp to gigs. I figured I'd get a nice modeller and run it through the board, since most places we play can handle this.


The Pod XT is pretty good. I had two just two complaints. The first is that it does much better at modelling high-gain amps than it does at the vintage low-gain models. That may be irrelevant to your son... ;) The second is that it's not especially intuitive - I spent almost an hour with it and felt that I was well below the knee of the learning curve.


The GT-6, on the other hand, is very easy to understand. Kudos to the Roland engineers on that score. However, compared to the Pod XT it sounded just awful. Not "not quite as good", but awful. It was muddy, over-compressed, flat and lifeless. Not, IMO, even as good as the first-generation Line6 modellers. And yes, I did figure out the controls for the less-obvious stuff like the cab modelling. From me, the GT-6 got a swift and definite thumbs-down.


My advice: Take half of the money you were going to put into the GT-6 and get a MIDI floorboard if you don't already have one. Your ears will thank you.

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Originally posted by Linwood:

I'm thinking of getting my son a GT6 for Xmas. Is this a wise choice?

I think it would be a good choice. While there are cheaper multi effects units out there- I don't think they're quite as versatile and well designed as the GT-6. He may or may not end up liking it but it's definitely not a piece of crap.


I don't have a GT-6 but I have the older GT-3 model. The coolest thing about these boxes is that you don't have to be "tied down" to them if you don't want to be.


It's got onboard distortions/Overdrives that are quite usable but it's also got an external overdrive loop. That allows you to keep your old distortion or overdrive pedals and use them WITH the GT-6 as opposed to INSTEAD of it.


It's great for live use since it's got pedals and has many, many switching capabilities.


As some have stated, it's probably not as good as the POD when going direct. But I'm sure that with some tweaking, you can get some passable sounds out of it.


Good luck,


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