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strat pickup backplates?

roy d

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I LOVE my Carvin bolt but have had some GAS of late that has me thinking. I really like the sound of a tele bridge pickup better than that of a strat and have discovered that a couple of companies are producing metal plates that go on the back of a strat-type bridge pickup to give it some of the qualities of a tele pickup. Callaham and Fralin are two such companies. Callaham really pushes their plate on all pickups they sell. Duncan also makes a new pickup called a Twangbanger that has a plate and a few other changes to give a more tele-like sound in the bridge pickup.

Has anyone had any experience with these back plates? On a Carvin AP11? Any thoughts?



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i would think it would work with any single coil that was standard size. but i can't offer any personal experience. by the way roy everytime i try to get on callahams website my browser says it can't find it. have you been on callahams site recently. or am i losin my mind?
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