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Vai or Satriani?


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Satch..i think he is so much more musical. Although he doesn't "shred" as much as he used to, he has made up for it with lush melodic arrangements. Its odd though, cause satch is my fav but i play a jem and a carvin legacy, both of which are pieces of Vai equipment. Its really a matter of personal preference. Vai is great, satch is great...i just like satch's music better overall
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Originally posted by Fender Bender:

I doubt Satriani would have sucked as bad as Vai in Whitesnake


Theres some evidence for you!

I really don't know how "badly Vai sucked" in Whitesnake because I don't like Whitesnake. (Though considering how good he was with David Lee Roth, I doubt your statement is valid.)

All I know is how highly creative Vai is when he does his own solo thing. Twenty million times better than all the "whitesnakes" of the world, imo.


Vai or Satriani...

Both are great guitar players. But I would vote for Vai purely because of his more advanced compositional skills, so to speak.

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Whew, tough call. Personally i believe that Vai has exceeded his teacher. I also think that is a testament to a great teacher. Satch didn't create little satch clones. His famous students don't sound anything like him or each other. Vai can be identified with one note. I always can tell it is him. That to me is the mark of a great guitarist.


satch would be much better recieved IMO if he would get a better guitar tone. the tone he has on his albums just isn't meaty enough for my tastes so I don't listen to him as much.


Both are tied for a #2 slot in my book along with thirty or fourty other great guitarists.

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