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Score software


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Hello people,


I have recently joined a band, but having a gold fish memory means I forget what I'm suppose to practice when I get home.


Could anyone advise me on a suitable software which will convert what I am playing, through midi/USB, on my keyboard into sheet music (I believe this is called score?!)


I know there are some software packages out there which will do this but they have many other features and come at a price.


What I'm after is a demo which includes this feature. Ideally I need to be able to print the score.


Any thoughts appreciated




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Finale is one of the big, expensive products out there for scoring - ($600 for the full-blown version).


However, they also offer demo downloads - and they have a $50 package, (Finale:Songwriter), which does include midi/USB entry.


I actually haven't utlized the feature just yet, (as I had trouble locating a midi to USB convertor, which runs about $40).

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