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V-Synth XT and Sonar 6


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i try to configure my V-Synth XT in Sonar 6. I use the Instrument tool in Sonar and created one instrument with 4 banks containing each 128 sounds (makes 512 = V-synth bank).


The problem is that i can't reach my sounds from Sonar. Either i don't insert any banks in the Instrument List and there i can choose one of the first 128 sounds, either if i use banks, the V-Synth respond by a <>.. kind of insulting ;)


Does anyone know about this problem ?

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In order to get to all the sounds you are going to have to send Bank Select commands. For the V-Synth it's:



087:000:1 - 128 (patch #s 1- 128)

087:001:1 - 128 (patch #s 129 - 256)

087:002:1 - 128 (patch #s 257 - 384)

087:003:1 - 128 (patch #s 385 - 512)


I have the V-Synth, I assume this is the same for the V-Synth XT. Check your manual. I know nothing about Sonar but there has to be a way to send Bank Select messages.


Also, make sure Receive Bank messages is turned on in your XT. It's in the SYSTEM - MIDI area.



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there we go man, i've got it :)


i was way far from calcuting the bank numbers from MSB and LSB.. The first Bank start at 11136 (87*128 + 0), then 11137 (..+ 1), etc


thanks again dude, you've put me on the right track


see ya on stage ;)

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