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RD700sx Fun/Update


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I finally loaded Busch's new setups today - I don't own the SRX-12 card, and can't take advantage of all the stuff, but the organs are absolutely killer! See "New Setups For RD700sx . . " posted in mid November to access these files. Thanks Busch . . . and . . uh, got any more?


You may recall my post in October regarding the USB port on the RD. ("RD700sx USB Interface"). We confirmed: use the USB for MIDI, and your RD's MIDI ports become another MIDI interface available to use/route as you see fit in your rig. It was noted then that the manual was not clear at all on this.


Well - I found their very complete info on this valuable and powerful feature today. They are in the "readme" files which came zipped with the USB driver download. Go figure. I've always thought of this is a very cool feature of the keyboard. As it is a function of the driver, it seems Roland thinks of it as a feature of the driver - so they included this info along with the driver. Oh well - if you need it, there it is. Very complete - troubleshooting, options, etc.

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Hi Moonglow/elf - Happy New Year.


Assuming you both own RD700sx's, right? Just downoad them from busch's post as mentioned.


Apparently, at this time , you can only load an entire file of setups with the USB thing. However, there is an easy workaround that Busch provides - and explains in the post.

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