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Question about DSI soundbank downloads


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I figured dB or another expert could answer this. This DSI page has the downloadable sound banks for the MEK and PEK. There is a bank called "New Analog" and I am wondering if this is already in the MEK (as part of factory programs) when it ships or if it is new altogether? Also, what is the best way to dump these new sounds into the MEK?




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The New Analog bank is not in any of the instruments.


To load it into your instrument, you either need to download the MIDI file (import it into your sequencer program) or download the sysex file (you'll need to use a sysex player like MIDIOX for PC or Sysex 4.8.0 for Mac ).






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Most of the sounds in this directory were made with the anallogue bank:




Afair except for the Triumvirat-Lead, made with dB's great PEK factory patch.


These two demos were also generated during soundprogramming for the analogue bank:






Not sure however if all sounds made it inro the bank.

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