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sort of OT a little melody game (could get interesting)


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How about a game based around word assosiation but with piano music.


Say we pick an appropriate MIDI programe or submit via pdf. The first person starts with wriring four bars of music the posts only the last 1 or 2 the next person then does the same etc until we have a finished piece where everybody puts up there four bars we put it all together have a whisky and a smoke and try to play the darn thing argue about tempo chordal shifts etc then agree that it is a good thing.


The rules I guess would have to be


The first person to start picks the opening key tempo and style.


You can change all of the above if you want when its your go round.


Only submit treble and bass cleffs


use only piano patches


guess that would be about that


Problems how do we post the two bars for the next person to carry on from


how do we piece it toghether at the end


Would anybody be intersted in taking up the challenge.




tris :D

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