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Kurzweil PC2/PC2X Tutorial #2 - How to edit your velocity maps using SYSEX


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I thought I would share a tutorial for Kurzweil PC2, PC2X and PC2XL instruments about something doable which isn't even specified in the user's books : how to edit the synths velocity tables.


You aren't satisfied 100% with any of the factory velocity tables? You always found that the synth action didn't give you enough dynamic range? You often wished to create an user-defined velocity table?


All you need is :


- Your PC2, PC2X or PC2XL synth.

- A MIDI cable.

- A computer.

- A SYSEX editor software/freeware.

- Read and follow the tutorial.


It may look a little technical at first, but it's very easy... and you won't need to do that twice a day anyway. Took me a little eternity to write all down, so consider this your 2006 Christmas gift. :)

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Yeah. :thu:


Thanks Cydonia.


Now, what prompted you to figure this out? IOW, should I be more concerned about the stock velocity maps in my PC2X? What are the major benefits of changing these.


Also, once you make these changes, will they be saved if they repent their sins? ...Ummmm, I mean if you save everything from user RAM.


Merry Christmas. :)



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Personally, I wasn't satisfied with any of the existing velocity maps. Not enough dynamics range. But that's just me and remember I play mainly classical now, a style of music which demands the maximum of dynamics on the keyboard.


So this might not be so useful for jazz or if you mainly use the synth in a live situation - where dynamics range need to be more constant so you can be heard with the rest of a band. In other words, if you are used to a certain velocity map and are entirely happy with it, don't bother.


Yes, any change you do will be saved permanently, unless you reenter the original values using SYSEX or do a hard reset.

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