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same old question!!


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just to firstly point out that i've been a frequent reader of these forums for a while now and would like to thank everyone for their input and info over the past couple of years and this is the first post i've done!!


I've been playing piano/keyboards for approx 18 years now and was classically trained at one point before moving towards modern/rock type stuff. (probably struggle with classical stuff now!!) I also play guitar quite well.


Enough of that....my question is....its my 30th birthday soon and i've been given permission by the wife to spend a little money! I'm look ing for a stage piano for use in a rock type band. It has to be portable enough to get in a car etc and has to sound good (obviously). The piano sound is what i mostly need although i would like a few other good sounds as well. I have a digital piano at home although use synths/keyboards with the band but would like the hammer action keys to use with the band as well.


I've been looking at the roland rd300sx and the yamaha p140 although i'm open to suggestions. My budget is up to about £800 or approx $1400.


thanks for reading and any info is appreciated.



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Yamaha (bright, percussive) for rock, Roland (dark, smooth) for jazz.

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