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Roland RD700SX vs. Gem Promega 3

ferran rc

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Sorry for my english, I write from Barcelona.


I have a dilemma!


I want to buy a digital piano. The roland rd 700sx really likes me, I've tested it in a music store and I liked the piano sound and the keypad.

But a week ago I discovered the mp3 demos and videos of the Gem Promega 3, and I had a great surprise. But it's very difficult to find one here to test it. My question is what do you think is best?


I've read in some forums that the promega is one of the best digital pianos, thanks to its Drake Technology. Has the RD 700 sx something like the Gem String Ressonance?


If anyone has tested both the promega 3 and the rd 700sx, I would be pleased to read your opinion.


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I've had the opportunity to play both, albeit several months apart. For grand piano, the Promega 3 is the winner hands down, IMHO. For the other sounds (e.g., organ, Rhodes), as well as MIDI controller functions, I'd definitely give the edge to the RD700SX.

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

- George Bernard Shaw


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