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Brainspawn Forte users - Lend me your ear?


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Just started using this great bit of software for my live rig... got it programmed up nicely and ready to go but am experiencing a slight glitch..


When switching 'scenes' i am getting some nasty grinding beepy noises with MrRay73 plugin. All other VST/plugins are fine, just having a problem with this one...


Its a damn shame cos IMHO MrRay73 routed through Scarbee's VKBFX makes for a killer rhodes sound.

Anyway, any help as to how to fix this problem would be most appreciated, i'm dying to get out and play this setup live :love:

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Yeh I'm a Forte user too so i would say try through them as they're great!


I've never experienced that problem with Mr Ray myself, but one thing I do get is some funny popping on certain notes, which is due to a flaw in the plugin itself not forte that occurs when it recieves program change messages. To avoid this happening I set the plugin to IGNORE CHANGES OF SCENE change this way it works fine so maybe that will fix yours? Given that a rhodes is a rhodes - you don't need it to change sound on scenes probably so it'll be fine.


hope that helps, Pete

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